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Processing time depends on various factors. CPNIS processes your papers on first come first serve basis. Primarily, the number of applications a visa post receives and the complexity in evaluating your documentation affects the progress of your application. Average processing time through the provincial nominee program in some cases is 6 months. However, it could be longer than that. As we could not guarantee the time frame, it is best to put forward your application at the earliest opportunity.

As we have mentioned, many factors affect the processing time. In order to expedite processing of your application, we ensure that all documentation and translations (if any) are accurate and completed before final submission of the same to the visa post. Hence, we avoid delays.

Yes, fees could be mutually agreed and possibly put into equal terms making it convenient for clients and rather affordable. However, the processing service fee is due upfront. This is necessary in order to ensure seriousness of applicants as we start off processing your case. Subsequent payments are due according to the agreement, in which you will be notified well in advance if any.

Our fees are quote on block fees instead of hourly charges as normally practice in Canada. This is preferably done so that client could easily comprehend on the cost of our services and at the same time prepare their budget requirements. With block fees, you avoid any additional or hidden charges. Our block fees as indicated in your schedule of fees, pertains to the entire process of your application.

ICIG will try to accept the cases, which can be handled and applicants can most likely be qualified for immigration. Although, on some circumstances the application may not be approved by the immigration authority. You will receive a refund for any payments made to ICIG except for the original payment, which is as indicated in the agreement is not refundable.

Yes. ICIG is a registered Canadian immigration firm.

ICIG could help you connect through our affiliates and with the various Human Resources Department in Canada.

Since most of the provinces except Ontario have the agreement with the Federal government to play direct roles on immigration, in some categories it is rationally faster for immigrants to settle under the Provincial Nominee Program.

In order to obtain a Temporary Employment Authorization (TEA) as a business applicant, you must satisfy the immigration officials that you are in the business for the last 2 years and what type of business you wish to set up in Canada. You will also be required to prove that you have the funds to start your business.

Business applicants fall on 3 categories:

I. Entrepreneur-must have enough capital to establish or purchase a business in Canada as well as the management experience.

II. Self-employed-must be able to contribute to the cultural or athletic life of Canada or buy a farm and manage it.

III. Investor– must make a significant investment in government-approved investment funds for a specified period of time and should intend to pursue business investment opportunities in Canada

For each category, you must be able to demonstrate past success related experience with regard to the business that you intend to set up in Canada.

While this is going to be a major transition in your life, when you arrive in Canada, you must show that you have sufficient fund as you settle and that you will not be a liability to the government of Canada while adjusting to the new environment and finding a suitable accommodation and job placement.

The amount that you must bring depends on the number of family members and dependants you have. An individual should have at least CAD$ 11,000.00 and extra CAD$ 2,000.00 for each additional member of the family, unless an employment is arranged prior to your arrival as in the case of live-in caregivers.

Individual applicants and dependents over the age of 18 must obtain and submit an original police clearance certificate from every country, where they have been a resident for the last 10 years since they turn 18 years of age.

As this particular certificate cannot be obtained on your behalf. Immigration will not accept photocopies of police clearances. Hence, this must be provided in original.